TOP SECRET! Find Out How These Mega Influencers Are Keeping Their Face Flawless!

“Johnny Edlind, Matt Rife, & Max Hamilton”

I’ll be the first to admit, until recently my skin care routine sucked. I always used to think it was time-consuming, expensive, filled with chemicals… and just impractical… having to constantly wash, clean, and moisturize… something I was previously ashamed of as a man (if I'm being completely honest).

Looking back I wish I took care of my facial skin much earlier and more seriously because that would've shaved years off my face.

Designed not just to cleanse and hydrate… but also tackle underlying skin concerns like fine lines, hyperpigmentation and elasticity… Bettr’s product has changed the skin care routine of thousands of men... simply by going to the root of the skin problems and skin layers, towards building the right foundations from within.

That’s why I was so excited when I heard about an effective all-in-one male skin care product that works for ALL skin types, that’s effective for people with ALL skin conditions like; oily skin, dry skin, mixed, sensitive, and/or acne prone skin. It’s from a company called Bettr, and already some of the world’s biggest A-Listers and celebrities have been posting about it.

And it ended up making headline news when Jonny Edlind uploaded an Instagram photo of him using it:

Soon, other big named influencers started to share their experiences with Bettr…

After seeing big-name guys like Jonny Edlind and Max Hamilton hyping Bettr’s product up - I was determined to try and sort out my facial skin issues once and for all… I decided to learn more about it and what makes it so effective.

What Is Bettr?

Bettr’s skin care products are uniquely designed to tackle a man’s unique concerns when it comes to his skin… and their products work as an all-in-one solution to treat oily skin, prevent dryness, reduce acne and pimples and keep your face looking - and feeling - fresh, young, hydrated and rejuvenated.

How do Bettr’s Products Works:

The blend of ingredients in Bettr’s skin care products also helps to reinforce your skin’s protective barrier, retaining moisture and preventing dry skin, no matter what your skin type or what conditions you work or live in!

Bettr’s skin care products are the only ones you need to protect and look after your skin. Their all-in-one solution is perfect for ANY man wanting to properly look after their skin, prevent pimples and make dry, oily skin a thing of the past.

They say it themselves in their core mission:

Is Bettr Worth It?

In my opinion (and thousands of other guys from around the world), yes - absofreakinlutely. If you can find their skincare products available online (they often sell out insanely fast), then I strongly suggest you give them a go for yourself.

Their products give you a deep, yet gentle cleanse in a completely balanced and energized way that never leaves your skin dry and damaged afterwards… and I’m not surprised to see well known influencers talking about it!

I tried Bettr and Here's Exactly What Happened!

To be honest with you, Bettr’s products looked very luxurious and I was afraid that it will break my wallet, but after doing serious researching, and educating myself, I realized that only premium quality ingredients are used in all of their products. It made sense. For the value they give, I was shocked at how affordable it was compared to other brands that are only filled with toxic preservatives, or cheaply made. I know some of my wife's facial creams retail for over $300 for a small tube!

Plus so many well known men in the IG world were adamant it’s the “best skincare products'' they've ever used. So...I decided to try it out for myself. I chose to order Bettr's Complete Skincare Trio Set to give myself an honest go at it without half-assing my efforts. (Plus it was a better deal buying it as a set. You save more and this is what I would recommend to you as well.)

Placing my order was simple, fast, and secured.

I paid with credit card and was charged $98 US dollars, the set lasted me just over a month, at their recommended use, it supposed to last for at least 30 days, which means I got the best ingredients on my face for less than $3 a day! (I spend more money on coffee a day so that was a no-brainer there.)

Best part, it took just 3 days for my order to arrive. That's amazing service and delivery.

When I finally got the product, I was really impressed with the packaging; it looks real sleek and luxurious (which I prefer!), and I could feel immediately that this was a seriously quality product.

After using the Bettr Complete Skincare Trio Set, I noticed the differences immediately. My skin felt hydrated, fresh and soft…

And for the first time in years I didn’t see any of that dry skin below my nose or around my beard. The refreshing scent isn't overpowering either, and after a full week’s usage, my face looks completely different; spots, acne, and dry skin - they’re all gone!

If I’m being completely honest, Bettr’s products are just too good not to share. Every day my skin feels fresh, hydrated and rejuvenated, and I’ve noticed a MASSIVE difference in spots and dry skin - they’re virtually non-existent today, and that’s why I’ve chosen to make Bettr’s skin care products part of my daily routine and must-have rituals. (Or else I wouldn't waste a minute writing this… it’s that good!)

Plus, Bettr doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, artificial colors or toxins - it’s made from skin-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients, so you can get that deep, gentle cleanse and the ultimate repair and restoration of your facial skin to look "bettr"...WITHOUT the headaches, complications, wasted time and money.

I can vouch for and recommend this product - it truly has been game changing. Made with the highest-quality ingredients that always ensures that your skin receives the full benefits and corrections it needs.

In Simple Terms: you will look cleaner, glowing, more attractive and that really boosts your confidence every single day. Ready to look, feel and do your best in life!

This brand is everything worth the hype. Now I fully understood what everyone was saying.

So my dudes, Kickstart & upgrade your facial skin journey with this unmatchable skincare line! This could be a great gift to yourself or loved ones, choose Bettr!